Episode 07: Lessons from Latvia

In this interview Emma speaks to Dace who lives and works in Riga, Latvia.

Dace was working as a scientist but couldn’t find her place - she loved science but hated working alone and in a laboratory and thought that she could use her outgoing personality and her love of working with young people as a teacher.

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November news review

In this episode we talk about the national exam that takes over the whole of South Korea as the nation stands still to support its students, the Finnish schools that have moved to open plan learning (we like the idea of cooperative teaching but maybe not the noise and chaos that might ensue from having no walls..) and research that suggests where in the world teachers are the most respected.

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Episode 06: Improving mental health in Scotland

In this episode, Alice talks to Chemistry and Biology teacher Dr Lindsay Robertson about her work in the classroom, and how her school is working to improve the mental health of staff and students.

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October news review

We’re back with our round up of education news from around the world in October!

In this episode we discuss parents protesting large class sizes in China, returning to school in a post-conflict zone, the International Maths Olympiad and facial recognition technology in schools.

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Summer news review

In this episode we cover how higher temperatures negatively impact exam results, Algeria's extreme response to cheating on national school exams, sexual harassment in schools, the teacher recruitment and retention crisis in schools in England and Australia's idea to put death on the curriculum.

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Episode 04: India

In this episode, Emma speaks to Alisha who lives and works in India.

Like a lot of people, Alisha didn't know that she wanted to work in education, but when she finished her degree she knew that she wanted to explore the social sector and she is now in her fourth year of working in education. She describes her initial move into teaching as a “leap of faith”.

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