Episode 04: India

There are so many teachers across the world who are doing amazing and inspiring things that are relevant to so many others around the world. Our aim is to connect teachers from different countries with these ideas and experiences.

In this episode, Emma speaks to Alisha who lives and works in India.

Like a lot of people, Alisha didn't know that she wanted to work in education, but when she finished her degree she knew that she wanted to explore the social sector and she is now in her fourth year of working in education. She describes her initial move into teaching as a “leap of faith”.

After teaching mathematics in the classroom for 3 years, she has recently moved into education leadership as an Assistant Principle in a new school. 

Throughout the interview, Alisha talks about her professional journey so far, the steep learning curve that she is currently undergoing as a new school leader and what she loves about teaching. She also shares how if she were education minister, she would keep a lot of the great education policies that the Indian government has in place, but work on national accountability and the systems that implement them in schools.

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