Episode 02: New Zealand

In this episode we speak to Tracie Pile who lives and works in New Zealand in a Maori unit within a larger school. The students in her school represent a diverse variety of cultural backgrounds, and Tracie mostly works with those from Maori and Pacific Island communities.

She has an inspiring love for her students and strives to be a creative teacher. We discuss her experiences, her desire to be able to differentiate and how the decile system in New Zealand has caused big division in the desirability of local schools and neighbourhoods.

Recently she has been supporting her students in the Auckland Regional Secondary School Kapa haka competition where they placed in all three divisions, and you can hear an amazing performance at the end of the podcast, as well as hearing from a few of them on what they've gained from taking part in the event.

Favourite quote from the episode: "The ultimate is to have a gourmet lesson, that's full of lots of different things in it, but then some days you might just have a leafy salad lesson, and then other days you might just have a bread and butter lesson".

Links mentioned:

Newsroom article Tracie mentions about attitudes towards teaching in New Zealand: 

Tracie's school performance at the annual Auckland Regional Secondary School Kapa haka competition:

OECD PISA results in focus: https://www.oecd.org/pisa/pisa-2015-results-in-focus.pdf

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