Girls in Physics events

Each school term I host an evening event in north London for girls and their female parents or careers called Girls in Physics. This event brings female speakers who work in Physics research or have careers in Physics or Engineering to present their work and their experiences of working in this industry.

The aim of the event is to allow girls from across London to access information about careers that they may not have heard of before or have much understanding of. It is also to expose them to role models who they can see are actually a lot more similar to themselves than the girls might think.

In this all female environment it has been a privilege to see how comfortable the students who attend are to ask questions, such as "how did you feel being the only girl in your A Level Physics class?", or "were you always so confident with Physics?". The support that students have been able to give each other has also been a pleasure to observe.

At every event the atmosphere has been extremely positive and the girls in attendance come away being excited and engaged with Physics. 

Ultimately I hope that these events can have a small positive impact on these girls in helping to broaden and support their choices for the future.